3 Articles that I’ve Learned from in the Past Week

by Jason Koertge on 04/13/2010

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In a perfect world I’m spending 30 minutes every day reading (learning) all I can about marketing, social media, and the latest trends.  Learning is important in everything you do regardless of your industry.

Here are 5 articles that I’ve read in the past week that I’ve learned from.

10 Fresh Tips for Community Managers

In this refreshing post on Mashable, I gained insightful tips on how to be a better Community Manager.  I love this article because it reinforces how important it is to be human and ditch the corporate speech.  I was training an employee at my day-job yesterday and emphasized this very point.  When you are writing marketing copy or an email to a corporate exec, professionalism and proper jargon is important.  But, when you are communicating in your social communities, it’s important to be personal, personable, and conversational.

Success is Made of Little Victories

Chris Brogan recently valued a day of his time at $22,000.  Sounds a little crazy right?  Well, when you have credibility like his, his proven track record for winning ideas and the confidence to ask for it, then $22,000 doesn’t seem so far out.  His creativity has been responsible for  tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of revenue for his corporate clients.  His valuation of his time is a drop in a bucket for what his clients get out of it.  This post is a perfect example of his genius and how it applies to success.  Every huge accomplishment is comprised of little subsequent successes that when joined together help us achieve great things.

Learn how to be a Better Blogger

Regardless of what you are blogging about, you can learn to blog better by reading other blogs about. . .  we blogging.  For example, I spend a lot of time on ProBlogger.net, CopyBlogger.com, RemarkaBlogger.com and several others.  Their main topic of discussion is blogging.  Regardless of what I’m blogging about, whether it be about social media, Panama City Beach, or whatever, learning how to be a better blogger will allow me to provide greater value to my readers.

You can follow all my reading/learning antics every week as I sift through the internet for all the best I can learn.  All you have to do is watch for the hashtag on Twitter: #tcreads.

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